Happy October!

Autumn has finally arrived! Fall is my favourite time of year. I love the colours, and the stormy days when everything is saturated with colour. But onto art news….

I am very excited to announce that my piece MARCH (the one with the big rabbit ears!) got chosen for the John B. Aird Gallery PAINT 2019 Show!!

If you’re in Toronto make sure to check out this show and all the amazing art in it!

PAINT 2019_E-VITE.jpg

Summer is Almost Over!

The summer has flown by as per usual, and we now find ourselves in August (the Sunday of the summer).

I participated in the Shoreline Artists’ Studio Tour back in July and had a roaring fun time hanging out with Elinor Holmes of Studio 101 (check her out on instagram). Everyone has been so welcoming in the Shoreline Artists Group, and I hope to join in more of the events next year (now that I’ve gotten my toes wet so to speak).

I entered the Bruce Peninsula Civic Holiday Art Show for my fourth summer in-a-row. I had a lovely time exploring the quilts and local artwork Friday evening. The artwork at this show is always amazing.

I was also thrilled to return on Sunday to find one less piece hanging on my boards (happy dance)

Mousing Around is now in a new home!


With autumn around the corner and winter not far behind. I hope to start finding some time to start painting again!

Wish me luck, and enjoy these last days of summer!

Shoreline Artists Studio Tour.... and some other news

So it would appear I haven’t posted in a few years. Work has been busy (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)….

This year I decided to take a big step forwards (for me) in my art, and decided I would join the Shoreline Artists Group (https://www.shorelineartists.net/ ). They are a local group of artists based in the Southern Bruce Peninsula. They hold a number of events each year within the community. While I am new to the group it has been nice to make some new connections and be part of an art community again.

There first big event of the summer season is a Studio Tour. Which thanks to the lovely Elinor Holmes of Studio 101 I will be participating in. She has kindly lent me some space to put up some of my artwork. Check her out on Instagram @studio101gallery/

The Studio Tour is happening during the weekend of July 6th-7th. There are going to be a lot of amazing local artists throughout Southampton, Port Elgin, Sauble Beach and Tara.

Check out the Brochure at : https://www.shorelineartists.net/shows--events.html

  • and if you make it to all the different Art Zones you can be entered to win a prize (pretty sweet right!)

And some other news……

I now have an Instagram account @rowingbearstudio where I post new artwork in progress and some pictures of the cutest tortoiseshell cat in Southampton: Queen Hester (#hesterthetester)

As always I try to keep my Facebook page updated with whats new and happening in my artwork @rowingbearcreations

There are some new pieces on the website posted under the NEXUS section, of which March won BEST IN SHOW at the Southampton Art Centre’s Feast for the Eyes Show back in April (I was very excited)

And speaking of the Southampton Art Centre…. I have also donated a piece to the 62 Little Masterpieces Show (https://www.southamptonartscentre.com/upcoming-events.html) . The show is on Saturday July 6th from 7-9 pm.

And finally, I am once again participating in the Bruce Peninsula Art Show in Lions Head. This show occurs on the August Civic Holiday Weekend from Friday evening to Monday afternoon (August 2nd - 5th).

Hopefully you made it to the bottom of that!

NEW PAINTING - Artemis' Stag (2017)

Just completed a new painting yesterday. It was inspired by some reading I had just recently done on the goddess Artemis, as well as the general remark of "why don't you paint something other than horses?".

Well here is a painting of not a horse.

Artemis is known as the goddess of the hunt and is one of the most respected of all the ancient Greek deities. Artemis is known as the goddess of the hunt and is one of the most respected of all the ancient Greek deities.  Not only was Artemis the goddess of the hunt, she was also known as the goddess of wild animals, wilderness, childbirth and virginity. Also, she was protector of young children and was know to bring and relieve disease in women. In literature and art she was depicted as a huntress carrying a bow and arrow.

In art she is often accompanied by a stag and hound, though traditionally her animal is the bear.  Stags have powerful mythological meanings throughout different cultures around the world. The are associated with both the feminine and masculine energies, independence, spiritual authority, fertility, gentleness and kindness.

The painting is acrylic on canvas, 48" x 24"

Artemis (2017) WEB.jpg

50th Annual Art Show this weekend!

Make sure you come and check out the 50th Annual Art Show held by the Bruce Peninsula Society of Artists this weekend!

I have 13 pieces in it, some new and some old.  I've even entered one into their "Golden Anniversary" People's Choice event.

There is a ton of amazing artwork, and the 20% commission that is taken from the pieces sold goes towards bursaries for highschool students heading off to art school.

Come check out the amazing art, and Quilt show.

Friday August 4 – 7:00-9:00pm (Come meet the Artists)

Saturday August 5 – Monday August 7 – 11:00am-5:00pm

Bruce Peninsula District School, 5 Moore Street, Lion’s Head